Delve deep into embodied movement with a Franklin Method workshop

Bring your mind and your body. You'll be learning how to harness the power of your mind to upgrade the way your body moves and feels.




An Exploration for Movement Teachers and Therapists


Ruth is running a series of workshops at Satyam Yoga Wellbeing Centre aimed at

Teachers: Yoga, Pilates, dance, drama teachers, etc.

Sports coaches: running, rowing, athletics, horse riding etc,

Bodywork therapists: osteopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists, etc.

The Franklin Method is about changing movement patterns. It’s a way of teaching clients to recognise their current movement habits, to compare that to biomechanically sensible movement, and to re-pattern the mind-body schema towards better movement. It is about natural human movement and so it is applicable to any movement class, to any sport and to day to day functioning.

10th March 2019, 2pm – 5pm - The Breathing Core

We will explore the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor as a functional unit of dynamic core strength.

5th May 2019, 2pm – 5pm  - Accessing the Hip

We will explore the bone rhythms necessary for good hip function as well as the role of iliopsoas as both your prime hip flexor and your deepest core muscle.

23rd June 2019, 2pm – 5pm  - Liberating the Spine

We will explore the joints and muscles of the spine in order to liberate both the movement potential and the dynamic alignment of the spine.

21st July 2019, 2pm – 5pm  - Rhythms of the Shoulder

We will explore the bone rhythms of the shoulder and some of the key neck and shoulder muscles as a route to dissipating habitual tension.

Cost per session £35, or attend all 4 workshops for £100;

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Venue: Satyam Yoga Centre, 2-4 Hawthorn Way, Cambridge CB4 1AX, 01223 354415

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