Pilates Cambridge Ruth

Delve deep into embodied movement with a Franklin Method workshop

Bring your mind and your body. You'll be learning how to harness the power of your mind to upgrade the way your body moves and feels.

Alan and Ruth are currently studying Level 3 of the Franklin Method. It is all about the internal organs, How they help support our posture and how they move inside us as we move our bodies during day to day activities, exercise, dance and sport. We are delivering a range of free workshops in order to complete our homework:

Kidney Movement and Imagery to Support your Lower Back

  • Sunday 18th October 10am - 12 noon with Ruth via Zoom

  • Saturday 24th October 2 - 4pm with Ruth via Zoom

Organs of Excertion and Reproduction to Improve Hip Mobility

  • Dates to be announced soon

Flexible, Strong and Centred Through Organ Imagery

  • Dates to be announced soon

The Liver and the Stomach

  • Dates to be announced soon