Pilates Cambridge Ruth

What is the Franklin Method?

Bring your mind and your body. You'll be learning how to harness the power of your mind to upgrade the way your body moves and feels.


Typically in a class you will learn some anatomy. We'll look at pictures in an anatomy text book, we'll use a 3d anatomy app, we'll look at a whole skeleton or individual bones. For example the picture to the right is of the bones of the OAA junction, the occipital, atlas, axis junction. Or in layman's terms where the head sits on the top of the neck.


We'll also use some imagery to bring the anatomy to life, to give it texture and meaning. And most importantly, to improve how this part of your anatomy feels and moves. In this image the water fountain allows your head to float freely on top of your neck. Imagery allows good quality communication between your mind and your body.

Touch and Narrative

And we'll use touch and words to  improve your propioceptive and interoceptive sense of the area, helping your brain to build a good map of your anatomy. Information is navigation. If your brain knows the territory it will be able to co-ordinate movement and posture efficiently. In this photograph Ruth is using touch to illuminate how the top two vertebrae participate in turning the head.


We might do some self massage with our hands or with a ball. Tension is the enemy of movement. If your muscles are involved in tension they are not available to create movement. If your fascia (connective tissue) is bonded layer to layer you can't slide the layers of your body relative to each other.

Movement and Exercise

The Franklin Method is a movement technique, we will explore how the body moves and do some exercise, but probably not in a format you are used to.

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