Why we love the Franklin method.

We both use the Franklin Method for ourselves but in quite different ways and for quite different reasons. Here are our Franklin Method stories.

Ruth's Franklin Method Story

When I was a child I loved to move: hopping about on my pogo stick, doing rolly-pollies, hanging upside down from a tree, performing handstands in the playground, bobbing up and down on a seesaw, inventing dance routines and endless other fun things. Moving was shear joy and it still is, perhaps in a more measured adult way. I like going for a run, I do Yoga and Pilates, I cycle everywhere, I dig my garden, climb mountains, kayak and play fight with Alan.

But I did go through a phase in my life when moving wasn't great. My back hurt, I had a sore knee, my shoulders were stiff and so on. I decided to change my life, to change my body. I trained to be a Pilates teacher and soon after a Franklin Method Educator.


I then realised to change my body, the main thing I had to do was change my mind. A strong, flexible body is a choice. Efficient movement is a choice. The things I think about, the stories I tell myself and the things I believe can improve my movement experience or detract from it. It's my choice. I used to believe that my body was stiff, I regularly told people that I had a weak back and that I had damaged my knee hiking. I don't do that anymore. I use imagery to create healthy movement, I talk about the joy of running and I take pleasure in being able to touch my toes. I am back to exploring the joy of movement much as I did as a child.

Alan's Franklin Method Story

I'm a distance runner. Marathons are my main focus, but I also relish the challenge of an ultra marathon. Like most runners I hate not being able to run due to injury. But, as I run long and reasonably fast, occassional injuries are inevitable. Or so I thought. At one point I had more than a year out of running due to a knee injury - running an ultra in the Alps proved to be a step too far. 

I recognise that my running shoes are super important, I buy good ones and replace them regularly. I've always worn running shoes that correct my gait for over pronation and I've been buying them for years from the same sports shop that assess my gait each time I purchase a new pair.


Then I trained to become a Franklin Method Educator and started using imagery as I ran. I would focus on kinesthetic imagery to improve efficiency, or I would use motivational imagery when the going got tough. And if I felt a niggle in my knee I'd convert to anatomical imagery to fine tune my gait.


The next time I had my gait analysed the shop were amazed to discover that I didn't need corrective running shoes, so amazed that they ran the test all over again.


I've been running injury-free, in neutral shoes ever since. I completed my 100th marathon in time to join the hundred marathon club during my 50th year and I intend to be running with imagery for many years to come.

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