Pilates Cambridge Ruth

Join us for an exploration of movement through the Franklin Method.

Bring your mind and your body. You'll be learning how to harness the power of your mind to upgrade the way your body moves and feels.

Weekend Workshops

From time to time we run weekend workshops. (Sometimes those workshops are free because they form part of the homework for our on-going training.) See workshops page.

Ruth's Pilates Classes

Ruth's Pilates classes are infused with the Franklin Method. Each block of classes will have an anatomy focus that we explore through the Franklin Method and then through Pilates exercises. See www.pilateswithruth.co.uk

Alan's Kettlebell Classes

To swing a kettlebell safely and effectively you need to have well co-ordinated movement skills. Alan uses the Franklin Method to fine tune his clients movement technique to underpin a dynamic, strong workout. See www.cambridgekettlebells.co.uk

Alan's Running Club

As well as getting the benefit of standard running training such as interval training, his runners also learn to use motivational and anatomical imagery to achieve thier running ambitions. See Midsummer Runners on facebook.

1:1 Sessions

We both work 1:1 with clients. In a sense it doesn't matter what your movement enquiry is, the Franklin Method can guide you towards your goal. It can be used therapeutically to relieve muscular skeletal pain, as a maintenance tool to keep the body moving in a healthy way or as a method to improve performance in activities such as sport or dance.


To start your Franklin Method journey get in touch via the contact page.